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Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Marquee Hire In Cork

There’s no bad weather, just the wrong tent.

Regardless of the time of year, Ireland is never short on rain. The ability to use your marquee in any weather conditions is one of its biggest advantages over a traditional, permanent building. When choosing your marquee, ensure you select a suitable waterproof type. Also make sure the tent has good ventilation options – nobody wants to be stuck in a stuffy marquee all day!

If you are planning an outdoor wedding or event during the summer months, you may prefer not to have an enclosed marquee at all and opt for something more open like our Stretch Tent or Pagoda structures instead. Our transparent walls also allow plenty of light into your venue so there’s no need to compromise on mood lighting either.

Cork is an excellent place to hold a party.

If you’re thinking of hosting a party or a special event, marquees can be an excellent way to keep your options open. Marquees are perfect for those who want to hold their party in the summer months, but are worried about the unpredictable Irish weather. They allow you to enjoy being outside without having to worry about being rained on!

If you’re looking for marquee hire in cork, there are many venues that come highly recommended. In particular, it’s worth checking out some of these city centre locations:

The right seating can make a space more comfortable and inviting.

> The right seating can make a space more comfortable and inviting.

The wrong seating can make a space uncomfortable and uninviting. If you pick seats that do not suit the room, your guests will be uncomfortable or even have to stand as there is no suitable place for them to sit.

To avoid this type of situation, you must choose seating that is appropriate for the space. Some spaces are too small for certain types of seating, such as couches or tables with chairs. Also, consider the comfort of the chairs and how easy they are to clean. Keep in mind that chairs need to be cleaned regularly to keep them sanitary and safe for your guests!

We have everything you need for your event in one place.

When you hire through us, we will provide everything you need for the event. All of our packages are flexible and are designed to be as inclusive as possible, thereby minimising the amount of additional equipment or services that you will require from an outside source. This means that when you hire with us, we don’t just provide you with a marquee and leave it up to you to arrange furniture and lighting yourself – we understand that each event is unique and so our dedicated team will work with every client on an individual basis in order to create the perfect package for your special occasion.

It also means that by choosing Cork Marquee Hire In Cork , there’s no need to source equipment elsewhere: by providing everything under one roof, we streamline the hiring process even further. This makes it easier than ever before to get exactly what you need without having to make multiple bookings at various different companies.

You’re not limited to just white furniture anymore!

Your party or event is one of a kind, so why have it in a venue with boring white furniture? You don’t have to! Our furniture is available in an array of colours, so you can mix and match them to make your event personalised. Perhaps you’re having a birthday party for your teenager and want their favourite colour as the main theme of the room – we can help you do that.

Or maybe you’re hosting an awards dinner for your company, and want chairs and tables that are the same shade as your company colours. We can help with that too. Maybe even go all out and get coloured marquees – we’ve got many different options available. Adding some colour to a room will make it feel more contemporary, or just add fun, excitement and personality to the space itself!

Your guests will love you!

You’ll thank yourself for taking our advice. Your guests will be sipping cocktails and chatting in comfortable, luxurious chairs. They’ll be warm and dry (well, drier than they would be standing around in an open field). They’ll have plenty of space to move around and socialize (plus a dance floor). The lighting will be excellent so they can actually see each other’s faces. And the music will be just right—not too loud, not too quiet—so people can converse without having to shout over the music or strain to hear each other in between songs.

You’re safe with us!

We’re not going to try and impress you with our extensive knowledge of health and safety regulations (though we do have that, too). The important thing to know is that if you choose to work with us, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

We comply with all necessary standards, but more than that—we also have full insurance coverage and maintain all necessary certifications.

So no matter what you hire from us—a marquee or otherwise—you can rest assured knowing we’ve covered all bases for your peace of mind.

The weather may be unpredictable but marquee hire in Cork doesn’t have to be!

You may be thinking that a marquee is a marquee and why bother going to the expense of hiring one when you’re going to get a free one with your venue package.

While we are only too aware that budgets can be tight, especially when you have little idea how many people you will have on the day, believe us when we say it’s worth spending a little extra money to ensure your wedding marquee looks amazing and lasts the duration of your celebrations.

The quality of materials used in marquees differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, some using cheaper plastics which do not withstand Irish weather conditions very well at all. When it rains (it usually does) these plastic covers become waterlogged and sag onto tables and chairs, potentially ruining any decorations or flowers you had set up for your big day.

On top of this disappointment there is also the worry that if it gets much worse then wind could enter the structure through seams causing damage or even collapse if enough pressure builds up. The last thing you want is for yourself or guests to be injured during your wedding celebrations!



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