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How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop: Top Tips!

To tell if a funko pop is fake, examine details such as the colors, paint job, and packaging. Authentic funko pop figures will have vibrant colors with crisp lines and no visible errors, while fakes may have faded or inconsistent colors with messy paint jobs.

The packaging should also be of high quality with clear images and logos. Funko pops have become increasingly popular collectibles for pop culture enthusiasts and fans of various franchises. However, with the rise in demand, there has been a corresponding increase in counterfeit products flooding the market.

It can be challenging to differentiate between authentic and fake funko pops, especially for new collectors. This problem is made even more complicated by the fact that many sellers attempt to pass off their fake products as genuine. To avoid getting scammed or buying a fake, here are some essential tips to help determine whether a funko pop is authentic.

How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop: Top Tips!

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Understanding The Basics Of Funko Pop

Funko pop has become a sensation among collectors and fans alike. With its wide range of pop culture figures, it’s no wonder that funko pop has amassed such a huge following. If you’re just getting started with funko pop, or simply want to know more about it, let’s dive into the basics of understanding funko pop.

Popularity And Fan Following Of Funko Pop

Funko pop is a company that makes collectible figurines in the form of popular movie, television, and video game characters. It’s popularity has been growing steadily since its inception in 1998, however in recent years, it has definitely taken a huge leap forward.

Funko pop boasts an immense fan following, and collectors are always eager to get their hands on every new release.

What Is A Funko Pop?

A funko pop is a stylized, vinyl figurine that stands 3. 75 inches tall on average. Each figure is designed with a large head and petite body, giving them a cute and quirky look that fans adore. These figures are modeled after characters from various pop culture franchises such as movies, tv shows, video games, and even musicians.

Funko pop has been producing licensed products from franchises such as star wars, marvel, dc, fortnite and harry potter, to name a few.

Different Types Of Funko Pop

Funko pop has been producing different types of vinyl figures to cater to different markets. Some of the most popular include:

  • Pop! Vinyl: The standard-sized vinyl figures of 3.75 inches tall.
  • Pop! Deluxe: These are vinyl figures that come with a stand or base for displaying as well as additional accessories.
  • Pop! Rides: These figurines come with a vehicle or transportation that play a key role in the franchise they are modeled after.
  • Pop! Movie moments: This collection is dedicated to cinematic scenes or events from the movie franchise it is based on.
  • Pop! Holidays: Funko pop releases holiday-themed characters on certain occasions.

Understanding the basics of funko pop is essential if you’re looking to start collecting or merely interested in the unique world of pop culture. Funko pop is a fascinating concept with figures spanning across different categories, making it appealing to a wide range of audiences.

Top Tips To Identify Fake Funko Pop

Are you a funko pop collector or enthusiast? With the popularity of the funko pop line rising, it’s essential to know how to identify genuine collectibles from fake ones. We will provide you with top tips on how to spot a fake funko pop and build your collection with confidence.

Let’s dive into the details!

Check The Packaging

The first step to identifying a fake funko pop is to check the packaging. Unfortunately, counterfeiters have become skilled at replicating the packaging of genuine products. Hence, you must pay close attention to the following details:

  • Check the font and logo: Verify the font type, size, and color of the funko pop logo on the package. Look for any spelling errors, and ensure the logo is centered on the box.
  • Look out for damages: Genuine funko pops have brand new packaging, free from scratches, or dents. A damaged package is a sign of a fake funko pop.
  • Verify the product number: Cross-check the product number on the packaging with the official funko pop website catalog. The number should match, or it’s likely you have a fake funko pop on your hands.

Inspect The Funko Pop Itself

After confirming the packaging’s authenticity, the next step is to check the funko pop itself by looking for the following elements:

  • Quality control sticker: A quality control sticker is present on all genuine funko pops. It verifies the product’s quality and authenticity. Ensure the sticker is present, centered, and not tampered with.
  • Paintwork and details: Examine the funko pop’s paintwork and details by looking out for any smudging, smearing, or misalignments. Genuine funko pops have precise details, and accurate paintwork. If anything seems off, there’s a strong possibility of a fake funko pop.
  • Weight and material: Every funko pop has a specific weight and material. If the funko pop you’re holding appears flimsy or lightweight, it’s probably a fake.

Verify The Authenticity

The ultimate test for verifying the authenticity of a funko pop is its serial number. Here are the best ways to verify the serial number:

  • Scan the barcode: Each funko pop has a unique barcode. Scan it using the funko pop app, available on ios and android devices. The app will provide all the information you need to verify the pop’s authenticity.
  • Checking on the funko website: You can also check the funko website catalog to find information concerning the product code, the barcode, and the date of production. Verification of each of these items confirms the authenticity of the funko pop.

Look For Special Editions And Variants

Funko pops come in various special editions and variants. These special editions can have different paint finishes, outfit designs, or unusual poses.

  • Familiarize yourself with the special editions: Be sure to confirm the rarity of the edition before purchasing, ensuring you’re not buying a counterfeit product.
  • Use price comparison: Familiarize yourself with the pricing of each funko pop special edition. If a deal seems too good to be true, it often is.

Spotting a fake funko pop can be challenging, but by following our top tips, you can avoid buying counterfeit products or adding them to your collection. Remember to confirm the packaging’s authenticity, the quality of the paintwork, and, most importantly, verifying the authenticity of the product number.

Now you’re ready to build your collection with confidence!

Consequences Of Buying A Fake Funko Pop

Fake funko pops are a growing concern for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The process of creating fake models has become increasingly sophisticated over time, and it can be challenging for even the most seasoned collector to determine whether they are purchasing a genuine item.

In this blog post, we aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge to identify the signs of a fake funko pop and avoid the consequences.

Effect On The Value

  • The value of a genuine funko pop is often inflated due to its rarity or popularity, but fake models can ruin this value.
  • Purchasing a fake model can cause the value of your entire collection to decrease, especially if you intend to resell.
  • Collectors and enthusiasts value authenticity in their collections due to the sentimental aspect of ownership. Buying a fake model can devalue the importance of the collection.

Impact On The Collection

  • Fake funko pops can disrupt the continuity in a collection and disrupt the aesthetic appeal.
  • They can irrevocably alter the sentimentality of the collection and ruin the enjoyment of collecting itself.
  • Collectors and enthusiasts have a shared understanding of the importance of a collection and appreciate when it is free from fakes.

Legal Issues Regarding Fakes And Counterfeits

  • Creating, selling, or purchasing fake funko pops is illegal and falls under the category of counterfeiting.
  • The severity of the legal action taken against you varies depending on the severity of your involvement in the creation or sale of fake funko pops.
  • Ignorance of the legality of the situation does not excuse your participation, and you must be cautious when purchasing funko pops from unknown sources.

It is crucial to recognize the implications of purchasing a fake funko pop and how it can negatively impact a collection and its value. By adhering to the warning signs and being vigilant when purchasing funko pops, collectors and enthusiasts can avoid the consequences of fakes and perpetuate authenticity in their collections.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Tell If A Funko Pop Is Fake

How Can I Tell If A Funko Pop Is Fake?

To determine if a funko pop is fake, you should inspect the box’s sticker labels, carefully examine its paint quality, and see if it is made with cheap materials. Real ones have a more high-quality feel to them, and the packaging is usually much crisper and shinier.

What Materials Are Used In Making Funko Pops?

Funko pops are made of vinyl, a material that is sturdy, durable, and resistant to scratches, making it ideal for collectors. Funko also uses paint that is safe for young and adult collectors, ensuring that the vibrant colors remain vibrant despite years of display.

What Are Some Common Signs Of Fake Funko Pops?

Low-quality paint, material quality, and lack of details are the most common signs of fake funko pops. Also, counterfeit funko pops usually have misspelled words or misaligned graphics on the packaging of the box, which is a dead giveaway that it is a fake.

Is The Price A Reliable Indicator Of A Funko Pop’S Authenticity?

Not always. Don’t assume that expensive pops are always authentic. Many counterfeits look like the real deal, so the value of a funko pop doesn’t always mean that it’s genuine. Research before buying, and purchase from an authorized seller.

Can I Trust Buying Funko Pops Online?

Yes. Whether you’re shopping on amazon, ebay, or other e-commerce websites, make sure you check the seller’s feedback and reviews to ensure that they have a good reputation. You can also request additional photos and information from the seller to make an informed decision.


After reading this post, you may now have a clear idea of how to tell if a funko pop is fake or not. It’s essential to note that the best way to avoid buying a counterfeit product is to purchase it from reputable sellers.

This ensures that the item you acquire is legit and won’t cause you any problems later on. Always keep an eye out for any discrepancies, such as quality issues, paint imperfections, and markings. Remember, fake funko pops are created to deceive collectors and consumers, but knowing what to look for can help you avoid wasting money on a fake item.

Overall, buying a funko pop requires a bit of research and cautiousness to ensure a genuine and satisfying purchase. So, go ahead and grow your collection with confidence!



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