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How to Reveal Hidden Messages with iPhone’s Black Marker

To see through black marker on iphone, use a filter app like negative image or invert. These apps use the phone’s camera to invert colors, making any black marker appear transparent on the screen.

Many people use black markers to label items or take notes on paper. However, this can become problematic when trying to digitize information or take a photo of a document. In some cases, the dark color of the marker may obstruct the text or image underneath.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for iphone users. By using a filter app like negative image or invert, the phone’s camera can invert colors and make any black marker appear transparent on the screen. This allows for easier capture and sharing of information without the obstruction of the marker. With this helpful trick, users can easily transfer written notes to a digital platform or share important documents with clarity.

How to Reveal Hidden Messages with iPhone's Black Marker


Understanding Invisible Ink And Iphone’S Black Marker

Explanation Of Invisible Ink And Iphone’S Black Marker Technology

Invisible ink is an excellent tool for keeping secret messages hidden from prying eyes. Typically made using organic dyes or even lemon juice, this ink cannot be seen under normal circumstances. However, there are ways to reveal invisible ink messages, and one such way is the iphone’s black marker.

The iphone’s black marker contains an acidic substance that reacts with invisible ink, causing it to oxidize and reveal the message. This technology utilizes a chemical reaction to make the invisible ink visible to the human eye. The black marker has proved to be an innovative tool when it comes to revealing secret messages, making it an essential tool to keep up your sleeve.

Why The Iphone’S Black Marker Is Unique

The iphone’s black marker is a unique tool that makes it easy to reveal hidden messages. Here’s why it stands out in comparison to other invisible ink revealing techniques.

  • Unlike uv light or heat used for revealing invisible ink messages, the iphone’s black marker does not require any external gadgetry.
  • The marker is travel-sized and easy to carry around, making it an excellent option for secret messages when on the go.
  • The acidic substance in the marker is specifically designed to react most reliably with the ink and reveal the message.
  • The simplicity of the marker allows anyone to use it, regardless of their background or technical expertise.
  • The chemical reaction occurs quickly, and the message reveals within seconds, making it an efficient and speedy process.

The iphone’s black marker is an innovative tool that presents an easy-to-use and reliable way to reveal hidden messages. Its portability and efficiency make it a popular choice for secret message communication.

Step-By-Step Guide To Revealing Hidden Messages

The Materials You Need

Before diving into the step-by-step process of revealing hidden messages with iphone’s black marker, ensure you have the following materials:

  • Iphone with black marker feature
  • A source of light (e.g., lamp, flashlight)
  • Patience

Are you ready to reveal those hidden messages? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Open the notes app on your iphone and start typing the message you want to hide.
  • Once you’ve typed the message, select it and tap the ‘share’ icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • From the list of options, select ‘markup’.
  • A set of tools will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose the black marker.
  • Cover the message entirely with a black marker and then click ‘done.’
  • The message now becomes hidden, and it requires a particular process to reveal it.
  • To reveal the message, swipe across the screen with your finger to expose the hidden message. If it doesn’t appear, turn on the flashlight or lamp and shine it over the blackened area.
  • The hidden message will now appear in white, revealing whatever you wrote.
  • To make the message disappear again, repeat the process by swiping across the screen and blacking it out.

Additional Tips And Best Practices

To reveal the hidden message accurately, note the following tips:

  • Ensure the black marker covers every character in the message.
  • When revealing the message, swipe across the blacked-out area slowly.
  • If the message doesn’t appear, adjust the brightness settings on your phone or use a more direct light source, such as sunlight or a flashlight.

Keep these tips in mind and follow the step-by-step guide to reveal hidden messages successfully and with ease.

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Practical Applications Of Revealing Hidden Messages

Now that you know how to reveal hidden messages with your iphone’s black marker, you may be wondering how you can apply this newfound knowledge to your daily life. Here are some practical use cases for revealing hidden messages:

Use Cases For Revealing Hidden Messages

  • Checking for counterfeit money: Blacklight markers are a common tool for detecting counterfeit currency. However, some counterfeiters have started to use fluorescent inks that cannot be detected by a regular blacklight. By using your iphone with a black marker, you can reveal any hidden fluorescent inks and ensure the authenticity of the money you receive.
  • Verifying documents: In the digital age, many companies use invisible or hidden watermarks to protect their documents from forgery. However, these watermarks can be revealed using your iphone’s black marker. Simply run the marker over the page, and any hidden watermarks will become visible.
  • Checking for stains: Whether you’re shopping for used clothing or trying to identify a stain on your own clothes, a black marker can help you reveal hidden stains. Simply draw over the garment with the marker, and any stains that were invisible before will become visible.

How To Apply Your New Knowledge In Daily Life

  • Identifying hidden messages in art: Many artists, especially those in the graffiti community, use invisible ink to add hidden messages to their work. By using your iphone’s black marker, you can reveal these messages and gain a deeper understanding of the art.
  • Preventing theft: Invisible ink can be used to mark your belongings in case of theft. By marking your items with invisible ink and keeping your black marker handy, you can easily identify any stolen items that are recovered by the police.
  • Creating secret messages: On the flip side, you can use invisible ink and your iphone’s black marker to create your own secret messages. This can be a fun activity for kids, or a unique way to send messages to friends or loved ones.

Now that you know how to reveal hidden messages with your iphone’s black marker, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re checking for counterfeit money, verifying documents, or simply exploring the world around you, this simple tool can help you discover hidden information that would otherwise remain unseen.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To See Through Black Marker On Iphone

How Can I See Through Black Marker On My Iphone Screen?

Mix baking soda and water to make a paste. Apply it on the area where the marker is present and let it sit for 5-10 mins. With a cloth, gently wipe away the paste and the marker should disappear.

Will This Method Harm My Iphone Screen In Any Way?

No, applying a baking soda paste on your iphone screen does not harm the screen at all. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure while rubbing the paste on the screen.

Can I Use Any Other Material Besides Baking Soda To Remove The Marker?

Yes, you can use toothpaste. Put some toothpaste on a microfiber cloth and gently rub the area where the marker is. Make sure to rinse off the toothpaste with water and dry the screen with a clean cloth.

Is There A Way To Prevent Black Marker From Staining My Iphone Screen?

Yes, you can use a tempered glass screen protector on your iphone. It will protect your iphone’s screen from getting scratched or damaged and can also prevent marker stains from causing permanent damage to your screen.

Can I Use This Method To Remove Other Types Of Stains From My Iphone Screen?

No, this method should only be used to remove black marker stains from your iphone screen. For other types of stains, you can use a screen cleaning solution or a damp microfiber cloth.


It’s no secret that dealing with black marker on your iphone screen can be frustrating. However, as we’ve discovered, there are a number of solutions you can try to make your device look as good as new. From using a cleaning solution to a microfiber cloth to using a white eraser, we’ve shared some of the best methods for removing black marker stains that have taken over your phone’s display.

Remember that prevention is better than cure, and being careful when using markers around your phone is the best way to protect it. Nevertheless, if an accidental stain does happen, these tips are sure to help you fix the issue in no time.

So, give them a try and let us know which one worked best for you!



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