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How to Create a Healer Pixelmon: A Step-by-Step Guide.

To make a healer pixelmon, you need to craft an anvil and combine it with aluminum plates. Crafting an aluminum plate requires smelting aluminum ingots and shaping them using a hammer.

Once you have the aluminum plates, you can craft the healer pixelmon using a diamond, a gold ingot, and a redstone dust in a crafting table. Pixelmon is a popular minecraft mod that adds creatures based on the pokemon franchise to the game.

One of these creatures is the healer pixelmon, which can be used to heal your pokemon. It’s a useful tool for trainers who want to make sure their pokemon are always in top condition. However, to craft a healer pixelmon, you need to gather some specific materials and follow certain steps. This guide will walk you through the process of making a healer pixelmon, so you can start healing your pokemon in no time.

How to Create a Healer Pixelmon: A Step-by-Step Guide.


Step 1: Choosing The Right Pixelmon

Overview Of Different Types Of Pixelmon And Which One To Choose For Healing Purposes

Choosing the right pixelmon is crucial when creating a healer pixelmon. For healing purposes, you can choose from various types of pixelmon, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Here is a brief overview of the different types of pixelmon that you can consider:

  • Grass-type pixelmon: These pixelmon are highly effective at healing with moves like synthesis and grassy terrain. Grass-type pixelmon also have high defenses, making them great for tanking hits from opponents.
  • Fairy-type pixelmon: Because of their access to moves like moonlight and wish, fairy-type pixelmon make excellent healers. They are also immune to dragon-type moves, which is a bonus.
  • Normal-type pixelmon: Normal-type pixelmon are versatile and can learn a wide range of moves, including many that heal themselves and their allies. They can make excellent all-around healers.

When choosing a pixelmon, consider its abilities, stats, and moves. Here’s what you should focus on:

Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Pixelmon

  • Abilities: Look for abilities that aid in healing. For example, a pixilate sylveon can use hyper voice to damage opponents and heal its allies at the same time.
  • Stats: Choose pixelmon with high defenses and special defense since the other pixelmon will target the healer. Also, look for high hp stats to ensure that the pixelmon can take damage and then heal its allies.
  • Moves: Check whether the pixelmon can learn moves like heal bell, wish, synthesis, moonlight, recover, roost, and soft-boiled. These moves are essential for healing.

Once you have chosen the right pixelmon, you’ll need to catch it. Here are some strategies that you can use to find it:

Strategies To Find And Catch The Pixelmon Of Choice

  • Check the environment: Certain pixelmon appear in specific areas, such as water-based pixelmon found near the ocean or river. Check the environment’s pokemon radar to get an idea of what pixelmon is in the area.
  • Use bait and incense: Some pixelmon can be attracted to bait or incense, such as sweet scent and honey. Using these items can increase the chance of encountering the desired pixelmon.
  • Breed pixelmon: If the desired pixelmon has low spawn rates, consider breeding it. Breeding increases the chance of obtaining the desired pixelmon.

Selecting the right pixelmon is critical when creating a healing team. By considering abilities, stats, and moves, you can find the perfect pixelmon. Once you have chosen the pixelmon, using strategies like checking the environment, using bait and incense, and breeding can help you catch it.

Step 2: Leveling Up The Pixelmon

Creating a powerful pixelmon that can withstand battles requires leveling up the pokemon. Thus, learning how to level up a pixelmon correctly is paramount. In this section, we’ll explore several techniques for leveling up a pixelmon quickly and effectively and avoiding common mistakes that may slow down the process.

Importance Of Leveling Up The Pixelmon For Optimal Use

Leveling up your pixelmon is essential to ensure that it can face battles without fainting. Some of the significant benefits of leveling up your pixelmon include:

  • More powerful moves
  • Improved stats such as speed, defense, and attack
  • Formation of evolutions
  • Increased hp, which makes the pixelmon more resistant to attacks

Leveling up the pixelmon is crucial to survive, win battles, and unlock the full potential of the pokemon.

Techniques To Level Up Quickly And Effectively

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pokemon trainer, these techniques will help in leveling up a pixelmon quickly and efficiently.

1. Battle With Other Trainers

Trainer battles are an excellent way to earn your pixelmon experience points. Ensure your pixelmon is appropriately leveled to take on the trainer and win the battle. Battles require a lot of attention and strategy in identifying the opponent’s weakness to deal the most damage.

2. Working On Gym Challenges

Gym challenges are your chance to compete with other skilled trainers and earn experience points. Winning a gym battle allows you to move to the next level and unlock new objectives such as catching more pokemon and obtaining rare items.

3. The Use Of Exp Share

The exp share is a handy tool when it comes to leveling up multiple pixelmon at the same time. This tool is very vital when specific pokemon is not actively participating in battles but still gains experience, which is beneficial in the long run.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes That May Slow Down The Leveling Up Process

While there are many techniques for leveling up pixelmon quickly, it’s equally important to avoid common mistakes that may slow down the process.

1. Over-Reliance On A Single Pixelmon

While you may have a favorite pixelmon and put all your efforts into leveling it up, focusing on one pixelmon may mean neglecting others. The best approach is to distribute the leveling needs of all your pokémon evenly. This way, you’ll have a balanced and strong team of pokemon in your arsenal.

2. Skipping The Lower-Level Battles

A common mistake pokemon trainers make is skipping battles with weaker pokemon. While it may be tempting, starting with stronger pokemon may slow down the leveling process. It takes starting from the lower level to make your way to the top gradually.

3. Avoiding A Pixelmon Type Advantaged Pokemon

Avoid encountering pixelmon that your pokemon struggle with so that they may perish in battle. Always choose pixelmon that have a type advantage over your opponents. This increases your chances of winning in battle, hence quick leveling up.

Level up your pokemon is an essential aspect that lays the foundation for a successful pokemon trainer. Use different techniques for quick leveling up and avoid common mistakes. By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a formidable pixelmon team.

Step 3: Teaching The Right Moves

Explanation Of Moves That Are Essential For A Healer Pixelmon

Every pixelmon is unique and has its own set of moves, but when it comes to creating a healer pixelmon, there are certain moves that you should aim to teach it. These moves should aid in healing your team during battles and keep them fighting fit.

  • Aromatherapy: This move heals all status conditions from your team, making it the ultimate healing move to possess.
  • Heal bell: This move heals all status conditions of all allies in the field, making it one of the most useful moves for a healer pixelmon.
  • Soft-boiled: This move restores a substantial amount of hp to your pixelmon, making it perfect for emergency healing.
  • Wish: This move allows the pixelmon to heal itself and its allies for a predetermined amount of hp, making it an excellent move for predictive healing.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Moves To Maximize Healing Capabilities

Choosing the right moves for your healer pixelmon can be crucial during battles. The moves can determine whether your pixelmon survives the battle or faints. Here are the reasons why choosing the right moves to maximize the healing capabilities is important.

  • Heal your team: Your team needs to be in good health to continue the battle. Having the right healing moves can provide effective healing to your team and keep them fighting.
  • Counteract status conditions: Status conditions can be a game-changer during battles. Healing moves can reverse these conditions quickly and save your team.
  • Predictive healing: Moves like wish can allow you to predict the best timing for healing your team and keep them healthy.

Techniques To Teach The Pixelmon The Moves Needed For Healing

Now that you know how important it is to have the right moves for your pixelmon, it’s time to teach them. Here are some techniques that will aid you in teaching your pixelmon the moves needed for healing.

  • Move tutors: Find move tutors that specialize in teaching healing moves. They’ll teach your pixelmon the moves needed for healing.
  • Breeding: Breed pixelmon with healing moves with another compatible pixelmon to create an offspring with the moves you want.
  • Tm’s (technical machines): Purchase technical machines from pokemarts which teach a specific move to the recipient pixelmon. Get healing moves by finding the appropriate tm’s.

By following these techniques alongside the essential moves, you can create the ultimate healer pixelmon with an unparalleled ability to heal your team during battles.

Step 4: Accessing The Healing Ability

Creating a healer pixelmon can be a great advantage during battles in pixelmon. With the ability to quickly revive your struggling pixelmon, you will always have the upper hand in combat. In this section, we will discuss step 4: accessing the healing ability.

Explanation Of How The Healing Ability Works

Before unlocking the healing ability, it’s important to understand how it works. When your pixelmon has fainted, you need to use the healing ability on it to revive it. This will give your pixelmon a boost of health and allow it to continue battling.

Unlocking The Healing Ability For The Chosen Pixelmon

Unlocking the healing ability for your chosen pixelmon is simple. First, you need to select the pixelmon that you want to unlock the ability for. Then, open the pixelmon’s summary by right-clicking on it. From there, you can access the pixelmon’s moves, stats, and abilities.

Scroll down to the pixelmon’s available abilities, and select the healing ability. Once you have done this, you will be able to use the healing ability during battles.

Strategies To Use The Healing Ability Effectively During Gameplay

Using the healing ability effectively during gameplay is vital. Here are some strategies:

  • Use the healing ability as soon as your pixelmon faints to revive it quickly, ensuring it can continue battling.
  • You can use the healing ability even if your pixelmon isn’t fainted as a way of boosting its health in preparation for a tough fight.
  • If you have several pixelmon on your team, use the healing ability strategically. You don’t want to waste it on a pixelmon that isn’t as important as others.
  • Always be sure to check your pixelmon’s health during battles and use the healing ability accordingly.

Creating a healer pixelmon and accessing the healing ability is a process that every pixelmon trainer should know. By using the healing ability effectively during battles, you can turn the tide in your favor and become the best pixelmon trainer out there.

Step 5: Enhancing The Healing Capabilities

Pixelmon is a fantastic game that provides an enjoyable and engaging experience for the players. One of the most important aspects of the game is creating a pixelmon that has excellent healing capabilities. Step 5 of the process is enhancing the healing capabilities, where players obtain specific items and utilize various techniques to improve their pixelmon’s healing abilities.

In this section, we will cover the essential items that enhance healing capabilities, how to obtain them, and techniques to use them effectively.

Explanation Of Items That Can Enhance The Healing Abilities Of A Pixelmon

Several items can enhance the healing capabilities of a pixelmon, making them more effective during battles and recovery. These items include:

  • Ethers: This item restores the pp (power points) of all moves of the selected pixelmon, making them more efficient during battles.
  • Fresh water: Fresh water restores 50 hp of the chosen pixelmon, making it a handy item during battles.
  • Max revive: This item revives a fainted pixelmon and restores all its hp, making it a valuable item for the players.
  • Revival herb: This item revives a fainted pixelmon and restores half of its hp, making it another significant item for the players.

How To Obtain These Items

There are several ways to obtain these items, making them readily available to players during the game. These methods include:

  • Purchasing them from pokémart: These items are available for purchase at the pokémart. The player can locate the nearest pokémart on the game map and buy the item(s) they need.
  • Searching hidden items: Some of these items are hidden in different locations on the game map, making it necessary for the players to explore every possible area.
  • Defeating trainers: Players can obtain some of these items by defeating other trainers in the game.

Techniques To Utilize These Items Effectively During Gameplay

Knowing how to use these items effectively during gameplay is essential for maximizing their benefits. Here are some techniques to follow:

  • Prioritize healing of the pixelmon in trouble: Always use the items to heal the pixelmon that needs it the most first.
  • Use ether sparingly: Ethers are vital for a pixelmon’s pp recovery, but they should be used only when the pixelmon is low on pp or during an emergency.
  • Keep a good stock of these items: Try to keep a good amount of these items in stock, so they are readily available during battles.

Enhancing the healing capabilities of a pixelmon is crucial when playing the game. The items mentioned above can make it possible, but it’s necessary to use them effectively. By following the techniques mentioned, players can make their pixelmon more effective during battles, leading to a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make A Healer Pixelmon

How Do You Make A Healer Pixelmon?

To make a healer pixelmon, gather aluminum plates, diamond, redstone, and glowstone dust. Then, craft the heal plate and install it on your workbench. Install the heal plate on the healer item type machine.

What Is The Heal Plate For?

The heal plate is a pixelmon item that you can use to create a healer. The heal plate powers the healer item type machine and it’s used to heal your pixelmon. You need it to complete crafting the healer.

Where Can You Get Diamond In Pixelmon?

Diamonds in pixelmon can be found under the ground — usually around level 12. You can also get one from boss pokémon loot drops or mining the walls of a poké loot chest room. The pickaxe is a necessary tool to retrieve diamonds.

How Much Redstone Do You Need For A Healer?

To create a healer, you need redstone, alongside aluminum plates, glowstone dust, and diamonds. For every machine you want to make, you’ll need four aluminium plates, one diamond, one glowstone dust, and five redstone dust. This will give you a healer block.

What Does The Healer Do In Pixelmon?

The healer is one of the most important pixelmon machines you can have. It allows you to heal all your fainted pixelmon as well as cure them from status conditions such as burns, poison, and paralysis. You’ll need it if you want to keep your pixelmon roster in tip-top shape.


Creating a healer pixelmon is a crucial process in any trainer’s journey. The importance of having a healthy team cannot be overstated, especially during battles. In this guide, we have discussed the necessary steps to make your pixelmon into a competent healer.

We have explained the significance and benefits of having a dedicated healer in your team and have provided detailed steps to train your pokemon in healing moves. By following the strategies mentioned in this guide, you can increase your team’s survival rate in battles and improve their overall strength.

Remember, patience and consistency are key in training your pixelmon. With time and practice, your healer pokemon will become one of the most valuable members of your team. So, go ahead and start your training sessions today to make your pokemon team the strongest it can be.

Good luck on your journey ahead!



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