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How to Obtain Necrotic Reforge: A Step-by-Step Guide

To get the necrotic reforge in the fastest way possible, you need to make 5 star frostburn. Welcome to the world of minecraft dungeons, where the hunt for necrotic reforge is full of excitement and adventure.

This powerful reforge can be a huge boost to your character’s abilities, but finding it can be a serious challenge. Many players spend countless hours trying to get their hands on this reforge, often struggling to find the right combination of items and upgrades.

Fortunately, there is a way to get the necrotic reforge in the quickest way possible – by crafting 5 star frostburn. In this guide, we’ll break down the process of acquiring the necessary components for frostburn and walk you through the steps to create the perfect item to get the job done. With our help, you’ll soon be wielding the power of the necrotic reforge!

How to Obtain Necrotic Reforge: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Understanding Necrotic Reforge

In minecraft dungeons, necrotic reforge is one of the most powerful weapon enchantments. This reforge enables players to use their weapon not just for attacking enemies but also for self-healing. To put it simply, whenever a player inflicts damage with a weapon that has necrotic reforge, they will receive some health points in return.

Here are some key points to understand about necrotic reforge:

  • Necrotic reforge is a weapon enchantment that allows players to heal themselves by attacking enemies.
  • This reforge can increase a player’s ability to stay alive during battles by providing them with additional health points.
  • The more enemies a player attacks, the more health points they’ll receive, making necrotic reforge a valuable enchantment during longer battles.

Explanation Of What Necrotic Reforge Is And Its Benefits In The Game

The benefits of necrotic reforge are clear. Here’s a quick rundown of how this enchantment can help you in minecraft dungeons:

  • With necrotic reforge, players can regenerate health by attacking enemies.
  • This enchantment is beneficial for players with lower health points. The more damage they inflict on enemies, the more health they regain.
  • Players with necrotic reforge are better equipped to survive longer battles, where they might be attacked by multiple enemies.

Information On How It Improves Weapon Damage And Enchantments

In addition to regenerating health, necrotic reforge can improve a player’s weapon damage. Here are some benefits:

  • Players with necrotic reforge may be more effective in battle since they deal more damage with their weapon.
  • This enchantment can boost the other enchantments a player has on their weapon.
  • Necrotic reforge can stack with other instances of the same enchantment, which increases the health regeneration rates.

Why Having Necrotic Reforge Is Critical To Success In Minecraft Dungeons

It’s simple: necrotic reforge is a game-changer in minecraft dungeons. Here’s why:

  • Having necrotic reforge can significantly improve a player’s survivability in battles, especially during longer missions.
  • This enchantment can make combat much easier, especially if you’re playing solo.
  • Players without necrotic reforge may find it harder to progress through the game’s story mode.

In necrotic reforge is a powerful weapon enchantment with multiple benefits. Incorporating this enchantment into your weapon can significantly improve your ability to survive longer and tougher battles. Ultimately, having necrotic reforge is critical to success in minecraft dungeons, especially for solo play.

Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking Necrotic Reforge

Overview Of The Requirements Needed To Obtain Necrotic Reforge

Necrotic reforge, one of the most desirable reforges in the game, provides a significant buff to your character’s stats, making it a valuable asset. However, obtaining it is not a straightforward process. Here are the requirements that you need to fulfill to obtain necrotic reforge:

  • You need to unlock the dungeon-class npcs. This requires completing the “recombobulator 3000” quest by giving 10 enchanted rotten flesh to the adventurer npc.
  • You need to have retired or bonus stats on all of your armor pieces.
  • You need at least one tier 11 zombie slayer level to unlock the “sanctify” ability. You also need to have a smelting touch pickaxe to mine the necron stone to create the sanctifier.
  • You need to complete the “defeat necron” quest. This is a challenging boss fight that requires you to have strong gear and good tactics.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Unlock It, From Completing Missions To Killing Bosses

Unlocking necrotic reforge requires completing quests and killing bosses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to unlock necrotic reforge:

  • Unlock dungeon-class npcs by completing the “recombobulator 3000” quest.
  • Retire or add bonus stats to all your armor pieces.
  • Reach tier 11 in the zombie slayer skill and craft a sanctifier using necron stone.
  • Defeat the necron boss in dungeons and claim the loot.

Specific Tips On What Gear And Tactics Are Useful For Obtaining Necrotic Reforge

When it comes to obtaining necrotic reforge, having the right gear and tactics is essential. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • For armor, use dragon armor or superior dragon armor.
  • For weapons, use a reaper falchion or aotd with the necrotic enchantment.
  • Use a radiant power orb to increase your damage.
  • Have a good understanding of what the necron boss does and its mechanics. You may need to practice a bit before facing it.
  • You can also use damage potions and the reaper gem to increase your damage output.

By following this step-by-step guide and equipping yourself with the right gear and tactics, you’ll be able to obtain the coveted necrotic reforge. Good luck!

How To Use Necrotic Reforge

Explanation Of How To Actually Use Necrotic Reforge On Gear And Weapons

Using necrotic reforge on your gear and weapons in the game is a straightforward process. Here’s a brief overview of the steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly, make sure that the gear or weapon you want to reforge has an open reforge slot available.
  • Next, go to the blacksmith npc, which is located in the hub world.
  • Click on the reforge option and select the gear or weapon you want to reforge from your inventory.
  • Click on the necrotic reforge option, then proceed to spend the required amount of resources to complete the process.
  • Finally, return to your inventory and equip your newly reforged gear or weapon.

Discussion Of When And Where To Use Necrotic Reforge In The Game

Knowing when and where to use necrotic reforge can make a big difference in your gameplay. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of it:

  • Consider using necrotic reforge on your main weapons and gear, rather than on items you will replace quickly as you progress through the game.
  • Use necrotic reforge on items you frequently use in combat to maximize the impact of the reforge.
  • Focus on reforging gear and weapons with high rarity levels for maximum benefits.
  • Reforging items that have an open slot to begin with is more cost-effective than removing a previously chosen or purchased reforge from an item and starting again from scratch.

Tips On Optimizing Its Use To Get The Most Out Of It

Now that you know how to use necrotic reforge and when to use it, here are some additional tips to optimize its use:

  • Always have a clear purpose in mind when reforging an item. Plan ahead and have an understanding of what kind of stats you want to increase or add.
  • Combine necrotic reforge with other methods of improving gear and items. For instance, you can enchant your gear in minecraft dungeons to enhance its attributes further.
  • Experiment with different combinations of stats to find what works best for your playstyle.
  • Don’t hesitate to reforge an item multiple times until you reach the desired outcome.
  • Keep in mind that necrotic reforge can only be used once per item. So use it wisely and strategically to boost the effectiveness of your best gear and weapons in the game.

Alternative Methods For Obtaining Necrotic Reforge

Overview Of Alternative Methods For Obtaining Necrotic Reforge If The Main Method Is Not Working Or If Players Are Having Difficulty

Necrotic reforge is a highly sought-after enchantment in minecraft dungeons that can give players a massive boost in combat. As with any type of enchantment, obtaining it can be a challenge. If players are struggling to get necrotic reforge through the usual channels, there are alternative methods to consider.

Here are some points to keep in mind when exploring alternative methods:

  • Alternative methods are not always guaranteed to work, but they can increase the chances of obtaining necrotic reforge.
  • These methods may require a bit of patience and persistence.
  • Be prepared to try different techniques and strategies to achieve success.

Discussion Of Specific Situations Where Alternative Methods May Be Necessary

Although the primary method of getting necrotic reforge is through randomization, there are situations where alternative methods may be necessary. Here are some examples:

  • Players have exhausted all possible methods of obtaining items, such as farming or completing missions multiple times.
  • Players are having difficulty getting necrotic reforge in higher difficulty levels.
  • Players are attempting to get necrotic reforge on a specific item, such as a weapon or armor.

Tips On How To Make The Most Of These Alternative Methods

The following tips can help players maximize their chances of getting necrotic reforge through alternative methods:

  • Utilize the blacksmith: The blacksmith can be used to reroll items, which increases the chances of getting necrotic reforge.
  • Trading: Players can trade with other players to get the enchantment.
  • Daily trials: Completing the daily trials can result in higher chances of obtaining enchantments.
  • Secret levels: Certain secret levels have higher chances of dropping rare items, including enchantments like necrotic reforge.
  • Increase difficulty: Playing the game on a higher difficulty setting can increase the chances of getting high-tier enchantments like necrotic reforge.

By following these tips, players can increase their chances of getting necrotic reforge, even if the primary method doesn’t work for them. It’s important to remember that obtaining the enchantment can take time and patience, but the reward is well worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get Necrotic Reforge

What Is A Necrotic Reforge And How Do I Get It?

A necrotic reforge is a powerful enchantment for items in the game. To obtain it, you need to obtain a revenant catalyst from a revenant horror, and then use it to reforge any weapon or armor piece at an npc in the game called the blacksmith.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Necrotic Reforge?

The necrotic reforge provides powerful damage and healing boosts, along with increased accuracy and critical hit chance. Additionally, it provides increased defense against undead and boosts the player’s speed.

Are There Any Requirements To Get The Necrotic Reforge?

Yes, to unlock the necrotic reforge, you need to have at least level 7 in the revenant horror slayer skill. Additionally, you need to have a revenant horror pet out in order to get the revenant catalyst required for the reforge.

Can I Sell My Necrotic Reforged Items To Other Players?

Yes, necrotic reforged items can be traded or sold to other players. These items are highly sought after and can be sold for a lot of coins or other valuable items in the game.

Is The Necrotic Reforge Only Available For Certain Items?

No, the necrotic reforge can be applied to any weapon or armor piece in the game that can be reforged. This means you can have a full set of necrotic reforged armor and weaponry for a complete boost in power.


In certain circumstances, obtaining a necrotic reforge can be both challenging and time-consuming. However, if you are determined to acquire this valuable item, there are several strategies you can employ to increase the likelihood of obtaining it. Starting by grinding in the catacombs, which is the primary source of necrotic weapons and armor, and completing all the three floors will provide you with a higher chance of finding a necrotic.

Additionally, doing slayer quests and acquiring slayer exp will grant you access to higher tiers of weapons and armor reforge, including necrotic. Furthermore, purchasing catacombs loot chests through the store is yet another strategy that can work if you’re willing to spend some money.

Keep in mind that the chances of getting the necrotic reforge entirely depend on luck and persistent grinding, even with these strategies. So, don’t forget to stay motivated and determined to acquire this pinnacle treasure.



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