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How to Create a Potent Healer Pixelmon: A Step-by-Step Guide

To craft a healer pixelmon, you need to craft a potion of healing and combine it with an aluminum plate to create a pc. Pixelmon is a popular minecraft mod that adds pokemon elements to the game.

One of the most important features of pixelmon is the ability to heal your pokemon. Healer pixelmon helps you heal your pokemon automatically, and it’s a must-have item for any trainer. To craft a healer pixelmon, you need to first craft a potion of healing by brewing the ingredients, like nether wart and glistering melon, together.

Then you need to combine the potion of healing with an aluminum plate to create a pc. Once you have your pc, place it down and right-click on it to heal your pokemon. Remember, having a healer pixelmon on hand can make all the difference in your pokemon battles, so make sure to craft one as soon as possible.

How to Create a Potent Healer Pixelmon: A Step-by-Step Guide


Understanding Pixelmon Types

Crafting a healer pixelmon can be a challenging task, especially for beginner gamers. It requires a lot of understanding, time, and effort to create a pixelmon that can heal its team members during battles. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the types of pixelmon and their characteristics to create a balanced healer pixelmon team.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of understanding type matchups for healer pixelmon and explain the different types of pixelmon and their characteristics.

Explanation Of Different Types Of Pixelmon And Their Characteristics

Pixelmon is divided into 18 different types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. A pixelmon can have one or two types, and the type or types it possesses determine its resistance and weakness to specific types of attacks. Here’s a brief overview of each type and their characteristics:

  • Normal: The normal type has no specific strengths or weaknesses.
  • Fire: Fire-type pixelmon are powerful but vulnerable to water and ground types.
  • Water: Water-type pixelmon are strong against fire, ground, and rock types but weak against electric and grass types.
  • Grass: Grass-type pixelmon are strong against water, ground, and rock types but weak against fire, ice, bug, flying, and poison types.
  • Electric: Electric-type pixelmon are powerful against water and flying types but vulnerable to ground types.
  • Ice: Ice-type pixelmon are strong against ground, flying, grass, and dragon types but weak against fire, fighting, rock, and steel types.
  • Fighting: Fighting-type pixelmon are powerful but weak against flying, psychic, and fairy types.
  • Poison: Poison-type pixelmon are strong against grass and fairy types but weak against ground and psychic types.
  • Ground: Ground-type pixelmon are strong against electric, fire, poison, rock, and steel types but weak against water, grass, and ice types.
  • Flying: Flying-type pixelmon have their advantages over fighting, bug, and grass but are weak against rock, electric, and ice types.
  • Psychic: Psychic-type pixelmon are strong against fighting and poison types but weak against bug, dark, and ghost types.
  • Bug: Bug-type pixelmon are powerful against grass, psychic, and dark types but vulnerable to flying, rock, and fire types.
  • Rock: Rock-type pixelmon are robust but weak against water, grass, fighting, ground, and steel types.
  • Ghost: Ghost-type pixelmon are strong against psychic and ghost types but vulnerable to dark types and unaffected by normal and fighting types.
  • Dragon: Dragon-type pixelmon are strong against dragon types but weak against ice, dragon, and fairy types.
  • Dark: Dark-type pixelmon are strong against psychic and ghost types but vulnerable to fighting, bug, and fairy types.
  • Steel: Steel-type pixelmon are resistant to a lot of types, including normal, grass, ice, flying, and fairy types but vulnerable to fire, ground, and fighting types.
  • Fairy: Fairy-type pixelmon are strong against fighting, dragon, and dark types but weak against steel and poison types.

Importance Of Understanding Type Matchups For Healer Pixelmon

Creating a balanced healer pixelmon team requires an understanding of type matchups. Knowing which types are strong or weak against others help you choose the best pixelmon to heal your team and protect them from attacks. For instance, if you have a water type pixelmon in your team, it’s vulnerable to electric and grass types attacks, so you’ll need to have a pixelmon that can protect it from these types.

Similarly, your healer pixelmon must be resistant to the types of attacks that your team members are weak against, so it can heal them without being knocked out by the opposition. Therefore, understanding type matchups is crucial to crafting an effective and balanced healer pixelmon team.

Creating an effective healer pixelmon team requires an understanding of pixelmon types and their characteristics. Knowing which types are strong or weak against others helps you create a balanced team and protect your team members from attacks. By following these tips, you can create a powerful healer pixelmon team that can support you in battles.

Choosing The Right Pixelmon For Healing

Are you looking to be a successful healer in pixelmon? The first step is to choose the right pixelmon to help you achieve your goals. With so many different options available, it can be challenging to decide. In this section, we’ll discuss the factors to consider when selecting a pixelmon for healing, and compare different pixelmon that make good healers.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pixelmon For Healing

Before you select a pixelmon for healing, it’s essential to understand the factors that should influence your decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Type: Each pixelmon has a unique type, such as grass, water, or fire. Depending on the type, some pixelmon may be more effective at healing certain conditions.
  • Stats: Different pixelmon have different stats, like hp, attack, defense, and speed. When selecting a healer, you’ll want to find a pixelmon with high hp and defense stats, as these will help your healer to survive in battles.
  • Abilities: Every pixelmon has at least one ability, which could help it to heal other pixelmon. Focus on finding a pixelmon with abilities that benefit healing, such as natural cure, regenerator, or healer.
  • Moves: Finally, each pixelmon can learn a range of different moves. When selecting a healer, focus on finding a pixelmon with moves that benefit healing, such as heal pulse, soft-boiled, or wish.

Comparison Of Different Pixelmon That Make Good Healers

Now that you have a good idea of what factors to consider when selecting a healer pixelmon, let’s compare some of the options available.

  • Blissey: This normal-type pixelmon has incredible hp and special defense stats, making it an excellent choice for a healer. With moves like soft-boiled and heal pulse, blissey can keep your team healthy in battle.
  • Chansey: Similar to blissey, chansey is a normal-type with high hp and special defense stats. However, it has less offensive power than blissey. Chansey’s soft-boiled and heal pulse moves make it an excellent choice for healing.
  • Alomomola: This water-type pixelmon has a fantastic ability called regenerator, which restores some of its health when it switches out of battle. It also has high hp and defense stats, making it a great healer option. Alomomola can learn moves like heal pulse and wish.
  • Audino: This normal-type pixelmon has a unique ability called healer, which has a chance to heal a status condition on one of its teammates at the end of each turn. Audino can learn a range of healing moves, making it a versatile healer option.

The right pixelmon for healing depends on several factors, such as type, stats, abilities, and moves. Consider the factors mentioned above, and compare different pixelmon to find the one that meets your needs. With the right healer pixelmon on your team, you’ll be well on your way to pixel-perfect victories.

Training Your Pixelmon For Healing

Healing pixelmon can be a vital asset in battles, especially in the world of pixelmon. With proper training, your pixelmon can become a potent force on the battlefield. In this post, we’ll be focusing on training your pixelmon for healing, so let’s dive in.

Overview Of Necessary Skills And Moves For A Potent Healing Pixelmon

Before we dive into the specific training techniques, it’s essential to understand the necessary skills and moves your pixelmon should possess to maximize their healing potential.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Your pixelmon should have a high hp stat and be able to sustain hits.
  • Your pixelmon should also have a good special defense stat to resist status ailments.
  • The move ‘recover’ should always be included in your pixelmon’s moveset as it restores half of your pokemon’s maximum hp.
  • You should also consider moves that heal your party members, such as ‘heal bell’ and ‘aromatherapy’.

Detailed Instructions On Specific Training Techniques To Maximize Healing Potential

Now that you understand the skills and moves your pixelmon should possess, let’s look at some specific training techniques to maximize healing potential.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Training your pixelmon’s evs or effort values is crucial. Ev training in hp and special defense is recommended for a potent healer.
  • It’s essential to maximize your pixelmon’s healing moves’ pp or power points. Some useful items for this include max elixir and leppa berry.
  • The hold item ‘leftovers’ is also a must-have item for your pixelmon, as it restores a small amount of hp after each turn.
  • Another useful strategy is to use the move ‘wish’. This move allows your pixelmon to heal itself or its ally for half of its maximum hp if it remains in the field for two turns.

Wrapping up, using these techniques, your pixelmon can become an unstoppable healer on the battlefield. So, make sure to train, equip, and use what you’ve learned here to take your healing pixelmon to the next level!

Evolving Your Pixelmon For Greater Power

Explanation Of How Evolving Your Pixelmon Can Increase Its Healing Abilities

As a trainer, you know how valuable a trained pixelmon can be in battle. But with each evolution, your pixelmon’s healing abilities can skyrocket. Here’s why.

  • Evolving your pixelmon increases its hp (health points) and defense stats, making it more resilient in battle and better able to withstand damage.
  • Your pixelmon gains access to more powerful healing moves as it evolves, which can restore its own hp or even heal its teammates on the battlefield.
  • Certain evolved pixelmon have special abilities or moves that boost their healing abilities even further. For example, blissey’s “healer” ability has a chance to heal its teammates each turn.

Techniques For Evolving Your Pixelmon Efficiently And Effectively

Evolving your pixelmon takes time, effort, and sometimes a little luck. But there are ways to speed up the process.

  • Use an xp share item to help your pixelmon gain experience even when it’s not in battle. This can help level up your pixelmon faster and evolve it quicker.
  • Train your pixelmon in areas where it has a type advantage. For example, a grass-type pokemon will gain more experience fighting against water-type opponents.
  • Feed your pixelmon pokeblocks or berries to boost its friendship stat. Some pixelmon require high levels of friendship in order to evolve.
  • Use rare candies to instantly level up your pixelmon. These can be found throughout the game or earned through battles and contests.
  • Lastly, be patient and persistent! Evolving a pixelmon can take time, especially if it’s a hard-to-find or rare species. Relish the journey and enjoy the rewards when they come.

With these techniques, evolving your pixelmon for greater power and healing abilities is within your grasp. Happy training!

Maximizing Your Potent Healer’S Effectiveness

Crafting a healer pixelmon can be a game-changer when it comes to levelling up in battles. But, how can you make the most out of this powerful strategy? Maximizing your potent healer’s effectiveness is all about understanding unique characteristics of your pixelmon and using them to your advantage.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Your Potent Healer Pixelmon In Battles

  • Understand your pixelmon’s stats: Every pixelmon has unique stats that determine its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these stats can help you choose the most effective moves for your healer pixelmon in a battle.
  • Use healing moves wisely: Healing moves are an essential part of your healer pixelmon’s arsenal, but it’s important to use them wisely. Use moves like wish or heal bell before switching your pixelmon out for a more aggressive teammate.
  • Choose the right ability: Choosing the right ability for your healer pixelmon can make all the difference. Abilities like regenerator or natural cure can help your pixelmon stay healthy on the battlefield.
  • Equip the right items: Items like leftovers or lum berry can help your healer pixelmon recover health or cure status ailments respectively, making sure that they are always ready for a fight.
  • Switch out wisely: A healer pixelmon is a lifeline for the rest of your team, so it’s important to switch them in and out wisely. Only switch out when you need to refresh your healer pixelmon’s health or to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness.

Strategies For Using Your Pixelmon’S Unique Characteristics To Its Advantage

  • Type advantage: Know your pixelmon’s type and use it to your advantage. Healer pixelmon with water or grass type can take care of fire or ground types respectively.
  • High speed: A healer pixelmon with high speed can use moves faster than its opponents, giving you an edge in battles. Use moves like baton pass to switch your healer pixelmon out for a faster teammate.
  • Attack power: Even though your healer pixelmon is not meant to be a significant attacker, it’s important to have some moves that can do damage. Tailwind or u-turn can allow you to attack while still giving you an opportunity to switch out if needed.
  • Multiple battles: Healer pixelmon can be effective in multiple battles, especially when equipped with moves like aromatherapy, which can cure your team of status ailments. Use them wisely to make the most of their healing powers.
  • Levelling up: Don’t ignore levelling up your healer pixelmon. Their stats and abilities can make all the difference in battles, making sure that you’re always a step ahead of your opponents.

To summarize, making the most of your healer pixelmon’s effectiveness requires understanding their unique stats, moves, abilities, and items. Use them wisely in battles, and you’ll quickly see how a healer pixelmon can turn the tide in your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Craft A Healer Pixelmon

How Do I Build A Killer Healer Pixelmon?

To build a killer healer pixelmon, select a good nature (calm and bold) and a high iv for hp and defense stats. Train for moves like heal pulse, roost, soft-boiled, and wish. Equip a leftovers item to regain lost hp during battle.

How Do I Get A Pixelmon With Healing Powers?

You can obtain a pixelmon with healing powers by capturing it in the wild or breeding with a male and female pixelmon with the desired moves. You can also trade or get one from a friend or the gts.

What Is A Pixelmon Healer Team?

A pixelmon healer team comprises of pixelmons with healing moves such as heal pulse, wish, and roost that can help to restore the health of your other pokemon. A healer team can support your main fighters and help them last longer in battles.

How Do I Use A Healer Pixelmon In Battle?

To use a healer pixelmon effectively, switch it in during battle when your pokemon’s health is low or when it has status ailments. Use moves like heal pulse or soft-boiled to heal your pokemon. Always equip your pokemon with leftovers to aid healing.

Should I Focus On Healing Stats Or Moves?

Healing moves like wish, roost, and heal pulse are essential for healing your pokemon. However, having high hp and defense stats will also increase the effectiveness of your healing moves. Therefore, a balance between healing moves and stats is crucial for a strong healer pixelmon.


Crafting a successful healer pixelmon depends on a few factors. You need to choose the right pixelmon with healing abilities, fill their move slots with useful healing moves, and select the right held item to boost their effectiveness. You also need to train them appropriately to ensure they are capable of healing your other pokemon.

However, once you have successfully crafted a healer pixelmon, it can make a significant difference in your gameplay. Not only will it help you keep your other pixelmons healthy and ready for battle, but it can also ensure that you don’t need to use as many healing items during your adventures.

With a bit of research and effort, anyone can master the art of crafting a successful healer pixelmon. So next time you are out exploring the world of pixelmon, consider taking along a healer pixelmon on your team.



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