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How to Highlight and Circle Like a Pro in Google Docs

To circle something in google docs, select the “insert” menu and choose “drawing.” From there, draw a circle around the desired item.

Google docs is a popular and user-friendly platform for writing and editing documents. It also offers a variety of features for formatting text and adding visual elements to enhance the presentation of your work. One such feature is the ability to easily circle something within a document using google drawings.

Adding a circle around an image, word, or entire section of text can draw attention to a specific aspect of your document and make it easier for others to follow along. Whether you are working on a project for school, creating a report for work, or simply keeping notes, this feature is a simple and effective way to improve the overall clarity and organization of your work.

How to Highlight and Circle Like a Pro in Google Docs


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Circle Something In Google Docs

How Do I Circle Something In Google Docs?

To circle something in google docs, select the object you want to circle and click on “insert” on the top bar. Then choose “drawing,” draw the circle shape around the object, and save your changes.

How Do I Change The Color Of The Circle?

To change the color of the circle, select the circle shape and click on the “fill color” option on the toolbar. Then choose the desired color from the color palette and click “save and close. “

Can I Adjust The Size Of The Circle?

Yes, you can adjust the size of the circle by clicking and dragging the small blue squares at the edges of the circle shape. You can also select the circle, click “edit,” and type in specific dimensions for the width and height.

How Do I Delete The Circle Once I’M Done?

To delete the circle, select it and press the “delete” key on your keyboard, or right-click on the circle and choose “delete” from the dropdown menu.

Can I Add A Label Or Caption To The Circle?

Yes, you can add a label or caption to the circle by selecting the circle and clicking on “insert” on the top bar. Then choose “drawing,” add text to the drawing canvas, and position the text box next to the circle.


To conclude, circling text or images in google docs is an essential tool for highlighting important information and drawing attention to specific details. With the easy-to-use methods outlined in this article, anyone can circle with ease and efficiency. Remember to utilize the available tools provided by google docs, including the paint format tool and the circle shape option, to add variety to your highlighting techniques.

It’s great to have visual aids to help you achieve your goals and stay organized in your work. By following these simple steps and making use of the helpful suggestions, users can improve their productivity and create more effective documents.

So next time you’re working on a project in google docs, don’t forget to circle key points and important information to make your work more impactful and organized.



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