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How to Call on Oshun: A Guide for Seeking Divine Assistance.

To ask oshun for help, start by creating an altar space with a yellow or gold cloth, placing a statue or image of oshun on it, and lighting a yellow or beeswax candle. Then, make an offering of honey, oranges, or sweets, and speak your request to oshun with sincerity and gratitude.

Oshun is a yoruba goddess of love, beauty, and wealth, who can be called upon for help in matters such as relationships, fertility, creativity, and prosperity. She is associated with the color yellow, the metals gold and copper, and the element of water, particularly rivers.

Oshun is often depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a yellow or gold dress, with long flowing hair and holding a fan or mirror. To ask for her assistance, it is important to create a sacred space to honor and connect with her energy, and to offer gifts and speak from the heart.

How to Call on Oshun: A Guide for Seeking Divine Assistance.


Understanding Oshun

Who Is Oshun? – How To Call On Oshun

Oshun is one of the orishas in the religion of the yoruba people, originating from present-day nigeria. She is the goddess of beauty, love, fertility, and fresh water. Oshun is said to have healing powers and is often called upon for help with emotional and physical healing.

Historical And Cultural Significance Of Oshun

Oshun is deeply rooted in yoruba culture. Her worship spread throughout the african diaspora and became an integral part of the afro-caribbean religion known as santeria. Oshun is also a significant figure in the brazilian religion candomble. She is often represented in african art, with symbols such as the river, the mirror, and the peacock feather.

Examination Of Oshun’S Personality, Character, And Influence

Oshun is often described as graceful, joyous and flirtatious. She is a giver of life, love and beauty. In her divine femininity, oshun embodies sensuality and nurturance. Oshun loves music, dance and all forms of artistic expression. People seeking fertility and those who want to improve their relationships often call on oshun for help.

Explanation Of Oshun’S Domain, Her Areas Of Influence, And What She Represents

Oshun’s domain is the fresh water, streams, rivers, and waterfalls. She is the queen of the osun river in nigeria and is considered to be the protector of pregnant women and children. Oshun also governs feminine beauty and sensuality. Her influence ranges from creativity and self-care to motherhood and romantic relationships.

She exists to help build love and connection among her devotees.

How Oshun’S Role In The Yoruba Pantheon Connects With Other Religions

Oshun has connections to various other religions. In santeria, a religion that developed in cuba and the caribbean, oshun is syncretized with the catholic patron saint, our lady of charity. In brazil’s candomble, oshun is identified with a similar goddess of love, fertility and sexuality, oxum.

In all of these religions, oshun’s devotees seek her out for the help she provides in their everyday lives.

Forms Of Calling Oshun

Oshun, also known as osun, is a goddess of divinity, love, fertility, and beauty who plays a significant role in many african and afro-american spiritual traditions. Devotees often seek her assistance in many challenges of life such as fertility, love, and healing.

Here we shall examine the different avenues and practices of calling on oshun.

Different Avenues And Practices Of Calling On Oshun

When invoking the presence of oshun, there are several methods that one can use. These include:

  • Chanting: Chanting is one of the most common methods of calling on oshun. Devotees could chant her name, use traditional yoruba songs, or other chants that will favorably attract her attention.
  • Prayers: Devotees could say prayers they have written or traditional prayers to call upon oshun. The most important thing is to connect to the goddess from the heart.
  • Rituals: Rituals are a significant part of african spirituality. Traditional rituals often involve the use of sacred tools, offerings, and items to attract oshun’s attention.

Traditional Methods Of Invoking Oshun’S Presence

For generations, various african communities have relied on traditional methods of invoking oshun’s presence. These methods include:

  • Using sacred tools: Devotees often use sacred tools such as a fan, mirror, and comb to honor and seek oshun’s presence and favor. These tools symbolize the goddess’s beauty, seduction, and vanity.
  • Offering honey, fruits, and other sweet delights: Devotees will offer these sweet delights to offer oshun’s sweetness into their lives.
  • Appealing to her feminine nature: Oshun is a feminine deity; therefore, appealing to her feminine nature by dressing in clothes, patterns, and colors that reflect femininity is essential.

Sacred Tools And Offerings Often Used To Honor Oshun

To show reverence and gratitude to oshun, devotees traditionally offer her gifts such as:

  • Honey: Honey represents oshun’s sweetness, pleasantness, and smoothness.
  • Fruits: Fruits symbolize fertility, growth, abundance, and sweetness to show appreciation to the goddess.
  • Gold and brass items: Gold and brass items symbolize wealth, luxury, and beauty, reflecting oshun’s attributes.
  • Cowrie shells: Cowrie shells are associated with oshun and serve as markers of currency and beauty.

Modern Adaptations And Variations Of Traditional Methods Within Different Cultures

While traditional methods have been passed down from generation to generation, modern variations have been developed. These variations reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds of oshun devotees worldwide. These adaptation and variations include:

  • The inclusion of candles and colors: Oshun is associated with yellow, brown, and gold colors. Devotees often specify the color of the candles they use for their rituals, depending on the type of petition they are making to the goddess.
  • Cultural variations: Oshun, as a goddess of love and fertility, has been adapted into many cultures. In latin america, devotees describe her as la senora de la candelaria, and in cuba, oshun is referred to as ochun.

Examples Of How Oshun Has Been Called Upon Throughout History

Throughout history, oshun has been called upon in various ways by her devotees. Some of these examples include:

  • In brazil: In brazil, candomble is an afro-brazilian religion that includes a house of worship where followers can go and pray to oshun.
  • In cuba: Oshun is the patron goddess of cuba and is celebrated mainly on 14th september. A procession is held in honor of the goddess every year in havana city.
  • Caribbean dances: In the caribbean, traditional dances and even carnival celebrations involve the use of oshun’s colors, songs, and movements.

There a traditional and modern ways to call and honor oshun, and every individual can find the way that connects with them to seek favor and assistance from this goddess.

Understanding Divine Assistance

What is divine assistance, and how does it apply to oshun’s role?

Divine assistance is the act of seeking help, blessings, or guidance from a divine being. Oshun, the yoruba goddess of love, fertility, and rivers, is known for offering divine assistance to her followers. Through her offerings and rituals, oshun provides her followers with necessary guidance, blessings, and protection.

Her assistance can help in matters of love, fertility, creativity, and life decisions.

Exploring the ways oshun offers help, blessings, and guidance to her followers

Oshun offers her assistance in various ways:

  • Dreams: Oshun can communicate with her followers through their dreams, offering guidance, and solutions
  • Offerings: By giving offerings to oshun, her followers can petition her for assistance and support. Offerings may include honey, oranges, cinnamon, and other sweet foods or items.
  • Water rituals: Oshun is associated with water, and her followers can perform water rituals to seek her guidance and assistance.
  • Divination: Oshun is also associated with divination, and her followers may use divination methods such as cowrie shells or tarot cards to seek her guidance.

Guide For Seeking Divine Assistance

The process of inviting oshun’s assistance: what to expect and how to maintain your connection with her

If you seek oshun’s assistance, the first step is to establish a connection with her through offerings or rituals. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Learn about oshun’s offerings and rituals: Before seeking oshun’s assistance, learn about the offerings and rituals associated with her. This includes the types of offerings she prefers, and how to perform her rituals.
  • Give offerings: Give oshun offerings to show your respect and ask for her assistance. Be sure to offer sweet foods like honey and oranges, as she is known to love these offerings.
  • Perform water rituals: Oshun is associated with water, and her followers can perform water rituals to seek her guidance and assistance. You can bathe in a river or stream, or pour water over your head while praying to her.
  • Follow up with a divination: Oshun is associated with divination, and her followers may use divination methods to seek her guidance. You can use cowrie shells or tarot cards to help you receive messages from oshun.
  • Maintain a connection: Once you invite oshun into your life, it’s important to maintain a connection with her. You can do this by giving offerings every seven days, and performing water rituals periodically. It’s vital to continue your relationship with oshun by keeping respectful and reverence towards her.

Understanding the responsibilities of the person seeking divine assistance, and the consequences of neglecting the relationship

Seeking divine assistance comes with responsibilities, and neglecting these responsibilities can have consequences. It’s essential to understand that asking oshun for her assistance means taking on certain responsibilities. These include:

  • Maintaining a respectful relationship with oshun
  • Giving offerings regularly
  • Continually working on improving yourself and your life
  • Following up with actions after receiving guidance

Failing to maintain your responsibilities to oshun can have consequences. These can include a lack of success in love or other aspects of life. Also, the acceptance of oshun mainly relies on one’s development as a person. Once you hold respect towards oshun, following her guidance also shows your appreciation towards her.

In doing so, you and oshun will be unified in an unbreakable bond.

Integrating Oshun’S Guidance In Daily Life

Applying Oshun’S Wisdom In Different Facets Of Life:

Oshun, the yoruba goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity, offers her assistance to those who seek guidance in their lives. Her wisdom is versatile and adaptable, allowing her to aid devotees in various aspects of their existence. Here are some ways in which integrating oshun’s guidance into daily life can facilitate seeking divine assistance.

  • Love and relationships: Oshun’s specialty lies in matters of the heart. Seeking her aid in matters of love can help attract a faithful partner or mend a troubled relationship. You can incorporate the following practices in your daily routine to maintain a harmonious relationship with your significant other while honoring oshun’s wisdom:
  • Offer honey to oshun regularly as a symbol of sweet love and attraction.
  • Dress in her colors – yellow and gold – to establish a spiritual connection and invoke her essence.
  • Incorporate sensual and romantic rituals in your daily life, such as lighting candles, playing music, and spending quality time with your partner.
  • Health: Oshun’s medicinal powers can be used to protect health and prevent illness. She is known to alleviate ailments related to fertility, menstruation, and childbearing. Here are some ways to honor her and maintain good health:
  • Offer water with fruits and flowers to her as a symbol of gratitude for her blessings.
  • Eat food that is nourishing and rich in antioxidants like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Light candles and meditate, allowing yourself inner peace, tranquility, and mental clarity.
  • Prosperity: Oshun is associated with abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Seeking her aid in matters of finance can bring prosperity and success to your life. Here are some ways to incorporate her wisdom to achieve financial prosperity:
  • Offer cinnamon to her as a symbol of abundance and wealth.
  • Honor her by wearing her colors of yellow and gold while working or conducting business.
  • Meditate, focusing on creating positive vibrations (such as prosperity, wealth and abundance) while chanting her name.

Exploring Daily Rituals, Practices, And Attitudes To Maintain A Harmonious Relationship With Oshun

Devotees of oshun use daily rituals, practices, and attitudes to maintain a harmonious relationship with the goddess. Incorporating these practices into daily life can help strengthen the connection with oshun and foster her aid and blessings.

  • Daily offerings: Devotees offer items of significance to oshun as a sign of devotion and gratitude. Some of the offerings include honey, fruits, flowers, cinnamon, and other items that represent love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity.
  • Dress code: Devotees of oshun often dress in yellow and gold or wear symbols that represent the goddess to establish a spiritual connection.
  • Meditation: Devotees meditate on oshun to seek inner peace and clarity. Chanting her name and focusing on positive vibrations can create a welcoming environment for her to offer her assistance.
  • Mindset: Oshun’s guidance and wisdom are associated with positive attributes like love and prosperity. It is essential to maintain a positive mindset and attitude to attract these blessings into one’s life.

Recognizing The Impact Of Oshun’S Guidance On Love, Relationships, Health, And Prosperity

Oshun’s guidance and wisdom impact various aspects of life, including love, relationships, health, and prosperity. Here are some ways to recognize the impact of her influence:

  • Love: Oshun’s guidance can help one attract the right partner, recognize red flags, navigate through relationship challenges, and create a healthy relationship built on trust and respect.
  • Relationships: Oshun’s influence promotes harmony, respect, and forgiveness in relationships. Her guidance can help mend broken relationships, strengthen familial bonds, and improve communication and understanding.
  • Health: Oshun’s medicinal powers can aid healing from various ailments related to fertility, menstruation, and childbearing.
  • Prosperity: Oshun’s guidance can help attract abundance, wealth and prosperity to one’s life. By seeking her aid in matters of finance, one can create financial independence and security.

Using Oshun’S Guidance As A Means Of Self-Discovery And Personal Growth

Incorporating oshun’s guidance into daily life and seeking her aid can facilitate personal growth and self-discovery. Here are some ways to use her guidance to achieve self-discovery and personal growth:

  • Inner reflection: Meditate on oshun to seek inner peace and reflection. This practice can help identify thoughts or habits that may be hindering personal growth.
  • Self-love: Oshun’s essence is associated with love and beauty. By practicing self-love, one can attract more love and positivity in their lives, creating a stronger connection with the goddess.
  • Creativity: Oshun is also associated with creativity and artistic expression. By channeling her artistic essence, one can create a more fulfilling and expressive life, tapping into their creative potential.
  • Connection: In addition to self-discovery, incorporating oshun’s guidance can improve one’s connection with the divine, fostering spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Ask Oshun For Help

How Do I Know Oshun Is The Right Deity To Ask For Help?

Oshun helps with love, fertility, prosperity, and healing. If you seek any of these, oshun is the right choice for you. Also, if drawn to her energy and offerings such as honey or sweet cakes, it may be a sign.

How Can I Make An Offering To Oshun?

Offerings to oshun include honey, oranges, perfume, and sweet cakes. You can set up a small altar or shrine and leave the offerings for her. You can also speak to her in your own words and light a candle for her.

How Do I Ask Oshun For Help With Love?

To ask oshun for help with love, light a yellow or gold candle, offer her honey, and speak to her in your own words. Be specific about what you want and be sure to show gratitude for her assistance.

Can I Ask Oshun For Help With Fertility?

Yes, oshun can help with fertility. Offerings such as a small mirror, honey, and a small cup of water poured into a river or lake can be made. Speak to her in your own words and be specific about what you desire.

How Do I Know If Oshun Has Heard My Prayers?

Pay attention to any signs or omens such as a butterfly or a sudden sweet smell. Also, trust your intuition. If you feel a shift in energy or sense that your prayers are being answered, oshun has likely heard you.

Be patient and trust in her process.


Overall, asking oshun for help can be a powerful tool in your spiritual journey. Whether you are seeking love, fertility, or financial abundance, connecting with this orisha can be a source of strength, guidance, and transformation. Remember to approach oshun with respect, gratitude, and sincerity, and to maintain an open heart and mind.

Be open to receiving her blessings and allow yourself to trust in her wisdom and grace. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to honor and cultivate a relationship with this powerful deity, and to allow her to guide you on your path towards greater fulfillment and joy.

So go ahead and light your candles, offer your sweets and scents, and call upon the sweet waters of oshun. Trust that she will hear your prayers, and that she will guide you towards the most beautiful and abundant life possible.



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